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Industrial Electronics-Servo Motors-Hydraulics

IES repairs AC/DC Drives, Servo Motors, Power Supplies, Printed Circuit Boards, Touch Screens, Hydraulics and much more. IES has the best 18-month warranty in the industrial electronic repair industry and the warranty doesn't start until you put the equipment back in to service. We have factory trained techs that repair ABB, Allen Bradley, Baldor,Bosch, Fanuc, Haas, Mitsubishi, Moog, Okuma, Rexroth, Siemens, Van Dorn Demag, Yaskawa products but we are not limited to this list. IES is known to repair unique items that other repairs companies can't repair. IES invest lots of time and money back in to the company to be able to fix unique repairs and items deemed (RUR) or (BER) from other companies. We also can't forget about our great "Top Notch" Customer Service our sales reps gives you. Your account rep will keep you updated throughout the process and will work with you directly to speed the process up so we can get your machine working again.


All Repairs comes with an 18-Month Warranty
IES replaces bad components such as: diodes, capacitors, resistors, transistors, mosfets, fuses, repair trace damage and etc.

Servo Motors

comes with our standard 18-month warranty
IES replaces bad bearings, seals, remove contamination, test feedback devices such as: resolvers, encoders, tachometers, hall effect.

Touch Screens

comes with our standard 18-month warranty
IES test the touch screen, back light inverter, LCD screen and communication ports. We test with our custom test equipment before the unit is shipped back.

Induction Motors

comes with our standard 18-month warranty
IES replaces bearing seals, windings, removes contamination and fully load test motor before it is shipped back to the customer.


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